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28th January - 3rd February 2004


...Where I come from!!!
Brighton to be exact (see the flashing dot on the map... below London)


This was the weather back at Dad's house back in Wadhurst (my home home...)

Perfect weather for me to leave the UK with!  Snow everywhere!

The after-party at No. 10 Mag St.
My last night in Brighton! (31st Jan 2004)

Thanks to everyone that came along to the pub (PC) and to No. 10 afterwards :-)


Early the next day, Mum very kindly gives me a lift to the lovely Heathrow Airport to

Here's my plane for the flight to Singapore (2nd Feb 2004)


Ooh, Concorde!!!  Parked up and going nowhere!!! :-(

Goodbye Blighty!!!

The Moon!

Our shadow...

Afghanistan I think!


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