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Week 1

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6th - 8th February 2004

G'day Mate!
Welcome to Oz!

Fantastic!!!  A wonderful Golden Sunrise to greet me in Oz!

Flying over the Blue Mountains...  Nice shadows cast by all the peaks...  Erm... they don't look very blue tho!?!? ;-)


A lovely sunrise still...

Ooh, a beach!

Touchdown at 07:00 (6th Feb 2004)
(Note I hadn't changed my bloody camera time/date from Singapore time!!!  dullard!  I only noticed it on the 17th of Feb... just add 3 hours)

G'day, Welcome to Sydney

On the lovely shuttle bus to the hostel...  The Pink House in Kings Cross.

Met up with a few people in the hostel, a guy called Gonzo, a Portuguese Swiss bloke, and a couple of Israeli girls... both of which had more international connections, ID cards, passports and languages than you can shake a stick at!  Good job I knew a bit of German and knew how to say the number 7 in Swedish!!!  They were called Dania and Miriam.

The first of many...  my first Harbour Bridge/Opera House photo...

A lazy afternoon in the Botanical Gardens...

Eddie Lizard!

More of the Bridge from the ferry from Circular Key to Darling Harbour

Clouds... not as uncommon in Sydney as I thought...  they've had dodgy weather this year...

Let's visit the Aquarium!!!

Sydney has been milking the Finding Nemo connections enormously!!!  Lets se if we can find Nemo later...

Duck Billed Platypus...  probably the coolest animal on the planet...

Ugly fish!

Miriam having a stare-out competition with a really ugly fish!

A croc!!!  but a harmless fresh-water one...


Lazy seal...

All looks a bit distorted!

The poor seal looked really bored...  He just swam round doing the same barrel-roll trick in the same place each time...

The lovely sunshine from bellow...

Miriam waving!

There's sharks in this tank... buggers to photograph tho...  Lots of Rays too.

Dory! (The Blue Tang)

We've found Nemo!!!
There only seems to be one clown fish in the whole aquarium!?  Right at the end of course!

Watching people watching fish...

Sydney is home to Mardi-Gras...  And the whole thing starts a month before the processions...  This was the opening ceremony in Hyde Park... quite a gay affair by the looks of things!

Bondi Beach!!!
It's just a beach... nothing special...

Darling Harbour at night...

The Sacred Ibis birds... they look really stupid!

Hyde Park

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