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Week 2

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10th February 2004

I'd also met up with a couple of Dutch guys (Dice and Ruben).
We decided to booked up a day's tour of the Blue Mountains with the Oz Experience company...  It turned out quite good actually.

They'd had a bush fire last year... but the bush is used to it and was bouncing back quite happily in it's own time...

A bottle brush (Banksia) tree...

A Blue Mountains Panorama
Like the Gorge du Tarn, etc. in France, the Blue mountains are made up of a plateau level and lots of gorges/valleys...  they're not mountains at all!  lying buggers!

Ooh, it's the Three Sisters!!!

About 900 steps we walked down...  getting back up was easier... as you see later...

More of the Three Sisters...

Another panorama

Ochre...  the Abo's use to use this for the cave paintings

Our guide demonstrated the call of the lost jungle explorer... the Kooooowweeee!!!  Works too!  We got a lovely echo off the cliffs over the other side.

The coal train thing made getting back up to the top of the plateau very easy!

It be bloomin' steep!

Here she comes!

It's quite a roller-coaster ride as it really motors up the hill... and it's apparently the steepest railway in the world...

Then we went off to the animal orphanage down the road...  lots of cuties here!

These geezers look battered!!!  Urban legend says the eucalyptus leaves have narcotic effects on then and they spend their whole life caned!...  Bollocks.


Wombats... Taking laziness to the extreme...

Tasmanian Devils

Man I'm hot...  and got... to... scratch... that... itch...

Mmmm... Ants...

This bugger bit me!
Well I was shoving my camera in it's face...

Massive Fruit Bats... aka Flying Foxes



A gormless Eagle

Friends of Sssssecil the snake I think...

A salty!!!

Wombat's are ace!

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