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Week 2

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10th - 15th February 2004

Woolloomooloo Bay

Wow, what a cat!

Jap tourists everywhere!  All they ever do is take...  err... Photos...

Note:  It says Please walk on the grass!!!


The Wollemi Pine tree!!!  found about 8 years ago in Wollemi Nation Park by a ranger... thought to be as extinct as the dinosaurs!

Oz is full of trees with weird roots!

Looks like a cleavage!


The Rocks...  the district under the bridge...


Waiting for the ferry to Darling Harbour

Been there!!!

Ursula, Claudia & Matt

Mmmm Pie...  A Harry's Cafe de Wheels pie to be exact!!!  Immensely famous!


Right, were off to Manly Beach today!!!  What a lovely day it

It's bloody raining!!!

Mmmm Ice Cream...

This was a amazing electrical storm that went on for about 1 hour of almost continuous lightning!!!  excellent!!!  But we couldn't see the actual lightening itself... only the sky flashing continuously.

Crikey!  No Photos!!!

First attempts at night photos... better ones below...

Off to the open-air cinema to watch 'Lost In Translation'

Some gits in there boat decided to have an impromptu firework display in the harbour just behind the cinema screen during the film!   Not a bad show tho.

Our seats for the evening...
I was joined by Sonja, Hennig and Simon.

The screen.

The guys trying to get some shots...

Lots of stars!

A wonderful combo...

Blimey, nice colours...  The harbour was nice and calm that night.

The navy's boats had turned up that day...

Which one shall I chose next???

Kings Cross's lovely Dandelion Fountain

Weird industrial sea-side sculptures...

St Valentines night...  The pink house is treated to Blind Date!!!  Hosted by Cilla Black... aka Graham.  His Barnett looked awfully like a quality street sweet from back...

Room 20... my home

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