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Week 3

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16th - 22nd February 2004

Tim, Claudia, Ursula and Matt... crashed out in Hyde Park...

Another daft Ibis

Hyde Park

The steps down to Harry's Pie van...

Woo Hoo!!!  Someone lobbed some Fairy Liquid in the fountain!!!

Crikey!  No photos on this day!!!

I've Bought A VAN!!!

Colonel Mustard, My VW Kombi !!!

I wondered down to the open-air cinema again with there German speakers to watch 'Goodbye Lenin'... A really good German film with English subtitles... luckily I could just see them through the wire mesh of the fence in front of us...

Fruit bats at dusk

Prating about trying to make ghost photos...

Pukka film... I recommend it!

The inside of Woolloomooloo Warf... all the Aussie film stars have apartments in here apparently... handy for Harry's Pie shop!

A cute ickle catamaran yacht(!)

Another stupid Ibis

We crept up on a pair of Cockatoos in the Botanic gardens... not that we needed to bother creeping... they just sat there looking us thinking "why the hell are you poking that thing in my face mate?!"

The last photo I'm quite chuffed with!

Let's have a go on the Bat-Scope!!!

Big spider!

And some more!!!

A weird tree/bush thing

A drum from...  some island beginning with T... ???

Weird roots...

Noah bouncing up and down on his bough...  the photo doesn't really show how bloody long it was!!!

More opera house pics...

Another little boat...

Got... to... scratch... that... itch...

Don't know what it's about, the plaque had had been ripped off

Three Wise Monkeys

Chillies & Mint!!!



Better rub that sunscreen a bit more Matt!

A full circle of Bondi on a perfect day!!!  Blue Sky and Big Waves.

A blue sky for the first time for me in Oz!!!

Big waves today!!!


It was 4:00am in the World Bar in Kings Cross and Lee comes out with a pukka idea...  "Lets go to the casino!!!"
So we did...
Poor Rich (another Rich, not me) was supposed to be going to work early the next day but had been taken hostage earlier and dragged down the World Bar was overjoyed by the suggestion of course!
Leigh, Uli, Maria & Rich
We snapped a couple of partial group photos on the way in and then tried to get the whole group photo when we left, but he security guard chap came over to remind us that taking photos inside a casino wasn't allowed...  but I'd already set the 10s timer going!  So I got a good snap of me in negotiations with him!

Lynden passed out in the TV room...

One of the guys at the hostel, Bruce, is a street performer!
So we all went down to Circular Quay to watch his act...
It was a right laugh!!!

He struck it lucky with his volunteer don't you think!  Top Tottie for Melbourne.

He got quite a few bucks for that performance...

Bruce and the gang!

Just some photos for Geoff back home... just to piss him off cos he bought his for 60 !!!

Matt is always up for a challenge...  so when someone suggested scoffing a pie in under 30 second...  he jumped at the chance!!!

Here's the Video!!!

Lee gets mauled!!!

It's Mardi Gras Fair Day...  Bit like what they have at Preston Park in Brighton at the end of the precession, but they have it on a separate day over here...

The cotton-buds on her head were the bollox!

The Doggywood fashion show was really funny!

Z z z z z z...

After the Fair, I popped down to the Domain to see if there was anyone watching the TropFest short film festival...  Only 105,000 people had turned up tho...  Crikey!
I landed up with a grandstand view for a while, on top of a packed-away bumpy slide!!!  There were quite a few of us on the thing but a little while after the police came along and asked if we could get down... they were really cool about it tho, and were jealous of the view we had had up there!!!

It was lovely... until it started pissing down!!!  Luckily, it was only two films from the end...

A mad evening down at O'Malley's

With Beau!!!  (Selecta!)

Nice grins from Paul, Matt & Mike.  And nice sweaty armpits from Matt!!!

This guy is a singing legend!

Michelle says goodbye to Beau

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