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Week 4

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23rd - 28th February 2004

Mark cooks brekkie for 8 of us!  Sterling job old boy!

The snorting popping candy incident...  followed by pepper...
I don't know what had possessed Mark & Matt that morning...  There worst bit was that they were completely sober!!!  Shocking!

And here's the VIDEO!!!
It's really funny!

Look out!!!  A scouser trying to break into a vending machine!!!
(Mike denies being a scouser and breaking into the machine...)

Mark's dilated pupil...  left over from his classical Bungee Cord injury where the hook got him square in the eye just after Christmas.

Another evening in the music room...

A miserable cloudy day in Sydney :-(

Over the Pink House Tannoy, Sonia shouts...
"Anyone want to be in a Rock Video???"
We couldn't resist...  7 of us, Gabrielle, Lee, Cara, Matt, Matt, Mark & me, bundled in a couple of free taxis and shot down there...

The shoot was being done in a little scummy club down town in Surry Hills...

The stage set...  small, compact and intimate...

Funky dangly camera!  With Head-Mounted eyepiece!

Lunch was...  shite.

Watching back the morning's work...

Gabrielle looking quite at home and comfortable on stage, standing in for Julia to get the camera/lights positioned...

Oops, shouldn't have used my flash... that's why they're all looking at me!

Apparently... we didn't make it on to the final cut... just found out :-(


Pancake Day!!!
(Cheers Jenelopy for reminding me!)

Mark and me knock up some batter for everyone...

The recept for the pancake stuff is in here somewhere...  But we never did find it...

Still raining...

Kermit the tree frog!!!  Check out the big fingertips!

Crikey!!!  No photos on this day!!!

EEEK!!!  A Zenodorus Jumping Spider!!!  Outside the kitchen window!

The munched quay where one of the ferries failed to stop in time! Oops!

Big ship!

Henning's Leaving Evening at the Löwenbräu Keller at the Rocks... With Kate, Florien, Grace, Me & Henning.
Note the Maß of Löwenbräu Dunkel !!! Yuk!

Early on the 28th of Feb... and Mike, who also shares the same birthday as me, is sleeping like a baby!  Happy Birthday Mike!

It's Rich's 31st Birthday
On Bondi Beach!
(That's me!)

Matt & Mark show us all how to Skimboard...  Easy!!!


Looking good dude!

Gerry hits the deck...

Mike has a go at falling off...

"Your all going to drown... Ha ha ha ha!!!"  !

Brent misses the board completely...

Even Matt has mastered the art of falling off it!!!

A bit sunburnt mate???  This geezer had at least a bottle of sunscreen on his back..

Running in...

Right, lets try out the waterproof case for the camera...!!!

Oooh....  Wave!

Bit murky down here...

Body surfing...

In the evening, Mark and me cooked a big barby for everyone...



Who gave Vanessa my camera???

Little Anna, your suppose to keep one foot on the floor when playing shots mate!

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