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Week 4

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29th February 2004

Lets Meet Your

Mark, Vanessa, Eleri and me bundled down town for the monthly Meet Your Neighbours (+ Home & Away) night where you get to meet a few of the stars and grab some photos!  Wicked!

Mark had had no sleep as he'd come back so late/early that he just stayed up to do his hostel cleaning job...!  ...Come on Mark, time to meet your Neighbours!

We got there nice and early to get a good seat...

We're bored...

Some classic episodes were showing...  didn't really go back as far as I wanted them to tho...  would have liked to see some when Bronwyn was in I reckon!

The stars arrive and the crowd goes wild!!!

G'day Lynn!

Mark gropes Alf's arse!

This is one of Marks highlights of his whole Australian visit... Meeting Alf!!!

Mark decide that he'd have a go at the disco dancing compo... with a chance to win a Oz Experience trip to Cairns!!!
Well, he won!!!...  but then he didn't...  He got the loudest cheers by a mile!!!... But unfortunately, the other girl had tits, so Mark lost... Can't say fairer than that I guess...
Watch for yourself (long vid):


Ooh, hello Dr Karl...

Eleri finally gets her photo of Dr Karl from the last neighbours night signed

My, what a big head you have!

Goodbye Alf!

Goodbye Lynn!

Goodbye Dr Karl!

It was a top banana night!!!
Definitely ticked off one of the Must-Do's on my list for Oz!!!

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