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Week 5

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1st - 7th March 2004

Oops... Just notice the time was 3 hours out on my camera... from now on, it should be correct!!!  Dullard!

Mark, Matt and me went off to see Mark's mate on the other side of town to get some of his and Matt's stuff they had stashed there...

Over 'Madonna's Bra'...

And into the sunset...


Ahhh... Sweet doggywoggys

Matt exits his old van for the last time!!!

Wasn't there 105,000 people here the other day...  Hmmm...

Matt makes his exit from the Pink House... Star Wars stylie...

Matt's leaving party...  Mark bought him a lovely new World Bar T-Shirt...  Mr T saying "I'm gonna f*ck you in the ass!"


The underside of the bridge...  it looks mighty big from down here!



Hey Claudia!!!  There's you ship!!!

It's a bit crappy the way the steelwork just finishes... They should have added a bit more so that it met the pylons I reckon!

I live over there!!!  Can you see?

The best angle to capture the bridge I reckon!

Another film crew filing something...  they seemed to be filming a couple of people painting the bridge...  Eh?

Buskers playing the didge...

Vanessa, Eleri and me decided to do our pilgrimage to Summer Bay (Palm Beach to the locals)
It's got to be one of the best beaches/location I've seen!  You won't be able to buy a house there tho...  cos they all cost millions of $$$!!!

Girt big plane flew past... and low...

Indeed... don't we all!!!

The bit you see on the titles of Home & Away apparently...

Proof!!!  Summer Bay Surf Lifesaving Club!!!

This is the view from the beach just the other side from Palm Beach!

I'd love to have a go up in that thing!


Must come back to walk round that headland!

Ugly house!!!

Down the Empire for Matt's Birthday!!!

Wow!!!  A very neat Sky Writer!!!

Vanessa goes off to do here Bridge Climb...

...Whilst me and Eleri watch from the pylon...

There she is look!!!

Eleri chatting to some fellow tourists...


It looks like she was horrified by the experience...  But actually, she loved it!!!

Hey Lottie, here's a picture for you!

Eleri, Vanessa and me went off on one of the cheesy Sundance Cruises...  $55 for all the food and drink you want...

Wow here's our boat!...  oh... no it's not...  it was another posh private function...


Here's our tub...  a fine beast!
You look chilly girls!

The wonderful dance floor

Dusk with an almost full moon...

Ooh, what a nice big moon!

Seagulls slip-streaming the boat...

The girls dangling out of the doorway below...  Kate Winslet wanna-be's

They're a crazy couple of birds!

The weird patters in the photos are people walking past!

Eleri went AWOL from the pub that night and was found... and left :-P on the stairs that night!

Mardi Gras!!!

Great!  Wonderful weather for it!!!

Gay Bar!!!

There was quite a good turn out from the Pink House Hostel...  probably about 40 of us!

Eleri, Vanessa & Cara...

The crowds were not quite as big as they might have been I guess!

I didn't bother taking many photos as I'd liked to have done...  The wind just blew rain onto the camera lens as soon as you got your camera out...  Bugger.
Two of my mates' digital cameras died due to getting wet that night!  Ouch!

After Mardi Gras, I went to 'Space', one of the clubs down town to see Infected Mushroom play some rather nice Psy-trance... shame it cost me $80 to get in!  But it was worth it!!!


Nice Number plate...  Do ya reckon he's got a hairy back???

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