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Week 6

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10th March 2004

So off Abseiling and Canyoning we go!!!
We went with High & Wild...  they were pukka!
Our instructors were Marto & Jason
First off was the abseiling...
Starting gently with the 5m abseil...  so as to 'Learn the ropes' I guess!!!

Kath was a bit nervous by all this stuff, she's not keen on heights at all!

On to the next one...  15m

This one looks more challenging!!!

Good view from up here anyway!

Don't you reckon it looks like... "Oops, she fell off!"  :-D  But she didn't...
Kath got to then edge, started to lean back, but then froze!!!  She wanted to come back up... but it was easier for her to go down according to Marto, the instructor...  But she eventually plucked up the courage and made it over the edge... the worst bit in abseiling...

Gabrielle was easily taking it in her stride...

Kath has another try...

It's easy!!!

Gabby again...  No problems!

The weather was strange... it tried to rain, but failed... were were up in the clouds and it looked really cool!

Now we moved onto the 30m abseil!!!  This one was excellent!!!  It was 30 down to the ledge where Marto was waiting for us, but over that narrow ledge, it then descended another hundred or two meters!  So it gave you the impression that you were doing a really massive abseil!  Cool!!!

Kath comes down...  But says... "I'm not doing that one again for certain!!!" ...So I had a word with her...
...She did it three times in the end!  ;-)

Looks like Gabby enjoyed it!!!

Yep, that's a bloody long way down...  and it you trip walking along the ledge... your a gonna!

The girls contemplate the next decent...

Kath goes again...

Then Gabby...

Then me!!!  Jason kindly taking the photos...
Again, you can see how far it is down to the very bottom!


He'd been practicing this shot I reckon!

Right, lets go Canyoning!!!

We don our lovely big yellow backpacks and we trek down to the bottom of the canyon...

A challenge was set to spot the bridge I'm standing on from the bottom of the canyon... first one to spot it gets a beer!

So we donned our lovely, sexy wetsuits and crappy shoes and we're off...!

Bit dark down here!

The first water jump!
Yep, it was cold... but he wetsuits reduce the shock of hitting the cold water somewhat... so it was ok.

This is great fun, traipsing about in the dark, in the water!  It was quite narrow and quite tricky to get down some of the rocks...  the water jumps were excellent!

Hey everyone!  Group photo....



The last water jump... this one was excellent!

Everyone doing the last water-jump... great fun!!!
Note Marto's feet on the last pic!

Kath was loving it!!!  And really looking forward to the abseil...  NOT!

So we get to the end of the canyon, and the final 30m abseil down the waterfall!!!  Cool...

Looked like a bloody long way down... and you know you were gonna get soaked!!!  cool!!!

Kath found the last be hard going, but she made it!!!

Marto's last big jump... I missed it I guess...

We all got changed... into some nice dry clothes with had in our dry-bags...

And up we went...

We abseiled down that!

Kath, like us all, was knackered half way up!!!

It was a bloody good day!
Definitely gonna do loads more canyoning for sure!!!

Back at the next campsite... we got a powered site for Musty... But the weather turned to shite...

I traipsed into town to find a supermarket...

But returned with Fish & Chips instead!!!  Bonus!!!

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