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Week 6

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11th - 14th March 2004

Well it gently rained all night... and the bloody roof leaked...  We managed to catch most of the water with bin liners, so it wasn't too bad...  the heating situation was also better than the previous night... but not perfect by a mile!  We had to tweak the heater setting to find then perfect temperature... but that didn't happen til almost the morning... so we were cold most of the night again...

I tried to dry out the van a bit with the fan heater in the morning after we were all up... but then it cut out... Hmmm.  And when we went to pack up, I went to retrieve the mains extension lead, but it had welded itself into the socket on the post!!!  Best not turn the heater up that much next time I reckon.

Then we headed for Tamworth!!!

We saw a sign pointing off the road saying "Tea Room"...  So we checked it out!  it was bloody miles down this lane, then a dirt track, but we finally found a lovely homestead place with a nice tea room...  Really nice...  it was in the middle of bloody nowhere!!!  Ace!!!

Found one of there bulls on the way back to the main road...

Kombi-shadow!  Excellent!

A sunset entering Tamworth...

Trying to find the YHA Hostel, where we were aiming to kip the night...  Remembered a neat trick with digi-cams... take a photo of the town map!  works a treat!!!

The sunset over Tamworth...


Out pet Cockroach in the bogs in the hostel.

Our beds in the YHA

No visit to Tamworth, the home of Oz's Country Music would be complete without the mandatory photo of the Golden Guitar!!!

It rained...

And rained...

And rained some more!!!

We then started heading down the coast side of the Great Dividing Range, heading for Raleigh...  The road was full-on mountain road and we had to go real slow so we didn't boil the brakes (like we did in the STB van coming down from Val d'Isere years ago)

We found a nice waterfall to stop and look at...

But the clouds were coming over...

Then it even  more!!!
Some of the heaviest rain I have ever experienced!!!  Cos we were driving down the mountain road really slowly, the rain ran down the roof the wrong way, into the roof air vent and all over me!!!  :-(

So we arrived in Coffs Harbour!!!

We stopped at the bus station and information centre and got talked in to staying at the lovely Aussietel Hostel by Ian, the guy helps run it, who was waiting for a coach load of backpackers to turn up that he could pounce upon with the hard-sell again...

Ace mural!!!

The girls decided to pick the most expensive restaurant for dinner that night!!!
Mine was a nice Red Snapper!

The jetty and harbour at dusk.

Everyone from the hostel came down to the BBQ site near the jetty for a massive hostel BBQ...
This was preceded by Jetty Jumping of course!!!
I chickened out... it's bloody high you know!!!

Brad goes in!

And the girls...

The Barbie

Ooh, a bug.

We went for a wander over the lovely Mutton-Bird Island...  Hmmm, nice.

Hovering, ready to swoop down for the kill...

Wow, an ice-shavings slush puppy thingy!

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