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Week 8

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22nd - 23rd March 2004

Miriam and Andrea dragged me out ice skating!!!  Not something I thought I would be doing in Australia!!!!

A ghostly Andrea skates round...

We found Jen, already there skating...
Spot me in the background!!!

Mick's T-shirt... He was a true player too!

OUCH!!! those skate boots were the most uncomfortable things on the planet!!!
My poor little foot gained a whopping great blister that is still not healed after almost a month!!!
Tip:  Don't go ice skating!!!

The Race!

Ha ha!!!  Mick falls!!!

Check out the grin!

Looking Good Miriam!

Mick showing off doing his jumps...

Banana plants


After Ice skating, we then wandered down the beach to go Boogie-boarding...  This time I bought my waterproof camera case with me!

Fletch shows Miriam some back exercises to warm up... she'd buggered her back doing that Jetty dive the day before!


Pete floating about...

Steve catching a wave...

Ooh, it's raining yet again!!!

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