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Week 8

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23rd - 24th March 2004

Toga Party!!!

Miriam organised a Toga Party for us... it was a absolute success!!!

You'll get the impression Mick loves himself... he loved posing anyway!

Tonight's grog... Punch actually!

Hmm Nice leaves mate!

Moving the punch... don't spill it for Christ sake!!!


Thingummybob and Maren


Jen & Jon

Andrea slaving over diner...

Grub's up!

Ian on photo duty too...

More of Mick...

These two are nuts!

Ooh, I'm in there somewhere!

Smiles from everyone... the punch is working a treat!

Enjoying your punch Rick???

Fletch looking like a true roman...

Maren munching her grapes.

Miriam goes in the pool!!! (And, ooh, it's raining for a change!)

Fletch makes an announcement...

Is it Mick... or Michaela...???

The cat-walk fashion parade starts...

Thank god Mick's hand was there... that's all I can say... it wasn't pretty I tell ya! 

At least he's got pants on!


Even Brad!

And the winner of the fashion parade are...

Spot Jen beaming from the other side of the room...



Inga & Annika definitely were good fun chicks!!!  And sisters to boot!  Spot on!
We saw a lot of their tongues that night!
The third pic is just wicked tho!  Ha ha!!!

The lads lose the drinking race.. so they have to go in the pool!!!

And Miriam is there to get some dodgy photos...

Bit soggy are we?

Brad visits the pool!

Fletch, you ain't got no pants on!!!

We all bundle in the bus and head down the Coffs Hotel... for more fun!

Smiles and stuff from everyone...

Can you believe this guy was shy!!!  searing a headdress like that!!!
Spot the Gurn!

Another Gurn!

Elizabeth... WHERE'S YOUR TOGA?!?!

Let's boogie!


Lots and lots of shenanigans continued all though the night!

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