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Week 8

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24th - 25th March 2004

Inga and Annika talked me into doing sky diving!!!
They had been charmed by Brad the night before... and Annika wanted to give her sister a lovely birthday present...  by throwing her out of a plane!!!

Me first!  don't I look sexy! NOT!

It took 30 mins to get up to 10,000ft!!!

There's quite a distance between my feet and terra firma!!!

Let's head for there!

I'm glad that big pink thing was above us... that's the chute... a handy thing to have apparently...  Brad likes pink I guess... Hmmm worrying...

Looking sexy in your suit girls!!!

Arch... Arch!!!!

How to get out of the aeroplane...  Part 1

...And Part 2...

Off they go...

There they are look!!!
(You can see them!!!)

Annika is the first to land...

Annika touches down!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee....Inga touches down!

It was GOOD!

Brad then spends the next half an hour rolling round on his big gay pink chute!!!

After the freefalling... we hit the beach for a nap...

The girls get a treat of one of my legendary Thai Red Curries!!!  Vegetarian one this time.

We all bundled down the Coffs Hotel as usual... and found Rick on stage doing Karaoke!!!

Jen & John found a frog outside their door back!
Cute fella.

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