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Week 9

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29th March - 3rd April 2004

Roland, Elvira, Andrea and Miriam get some last scenic photos before Elvira, Andrea and I head off to Byron Bay...

The Big Prawn!!!

We got to Byron bay and booked into The Blue Iguana Beach House...  Not at all like a hostel... In fact, 100x better than any hostel!  there was only about 15 of us in the house, and you got to meet everyone there, cos we were all one big family!!!
The place was run  by a surf dude called Alex, who spent most of his time surfing and making cocktail for us all!!!  Cool!!!

In the evenings, all the fruit bats come and munch all the fruit from the palms above us on the decking...  What big eyes they have!!!

Andrea and Elvira head off to their next destination...  I'm staying tho...
Claire, one of the girls staying at the blue iguana kindly gave me a couple of surf lessons!!!  I managed to stand up on my 9'4" Foam Monster Surf Board 3 times...  and also fell off it about the same number of times!!!

This geezer was brilliant...  you'll see more of his work later...  twice in fact!

The Blue Iguana Beach House

Dry sand dancing along the beach...

Ooh, a goat!!??

Ooh, a brush turkey!?

Let's go Hanggliding!!!
I booked myself up for a bit of hanggliding from Lennox Head... Just down the coach...
The instructor, Neil, said he'd been doing this job for 27 years...  Wow, what a career!  Beats sitting in an air conditioned office all day that's for sure!



Ooh!  A day without photos!


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