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Week 15
11th - 13th May 2004

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Let's go to Fraser Island!!!

Well so many people that have been to Oz have said that this was the best bit of their visit...  So let's see what all the fuss is about...

Fraser Island is the biggest sand island in the world...  That's right, it's all sand!!!  ...plus a few trees and lakes...
The best way to visit for us is the 3 day/2 night self-drive 4x4 safari...  You get a map, a tide table and a LandCruiser!!!

Our group was made  up of 8 people, which was cool, cos the LandCruiser held 11... so we had lots of room to lounge about in the back...

Here's our fine beast...  A bit of an old dog, but these Toyota's just keep going forever!!!!

Trying to fit our $300+ worth of food in the Eskys...  we shouldn't go hungry, that's for sure!!!

Onboard the Manta Ray barge... there are lots of ferries that carry all the 4x4s to and fro from Fraser all day, every day...

Ooh look, there's Chad with the Kayaks!

We're almost there!!!
Start your engines!!!

I got first go at driving...  and also leading the pack!  there were about 12 4x4s in our convoy...  We headed in along the Inland track to the 11km mark, where we could then safely drive along the beach...

Our first Dingo!!!

11km...  Let's hit the beach!!!

Perfect blue sky!!!

We headed up the coast then headed inland to the first of our lakes, Lake Birrabeen.  It was nice, but the water was a bit brown...  apparently if we headed across the other side it would have been perfect!!!  (better than Lake Mackenzie apparently!!!)

Our back door did not close properly at all!  Years of supporting that big heavy spare wheel meant the hinges and locks were shagged...  so whoever's on the back seats has to hold the thing shut...  it also meant that it leaked when traversing the big muddy puddles!  As Lisa found out when she got a wet muddy foot!

What the ffff......  Dunno what this is!!!  it's only a small spider thing, but look at it's 'shell'!!!  freaky man!!! even more freaky when I'm trying to get a close-up shot of it and it leaps out at me... Thomas had walked over and walked through the thread of silk supporting the web...  Frightened the f**king shit out of me!!!  Lisa couldn't stop laughing!!!

Here's our mate who joined us for sandwiches...  He didn't hang around tho...

Lake Mackenzie!!!
Every one raves about this lake/beach... it is damn pretty!!!
It's also rather transient...  everyone's there for about 1 hour, so the crowds are coming and going all the time, but the beauty remains...

The water is just amazingly clear!!!  when you stick yer head under, you can open your eyes and it doesn't hurt!!!  No salt or chlorine at all to make yer eyes sting!!!  You still can't focus your eyes... and I forgot my bloody mask and snorkel!!!

My legs/feet look really deformed!

It was a lovely sunny day...  apart from one big cloud that was in the way for a little while...  it was late afternoon and cooling down quick...  Should really get there in the morning and spend the whole of the middle of the day there I reckon!!!

Is it me or does the bottom look like the shots you get from the bottom of some trench 10km down...?

Thomas diving under...


The sand is really fine and white...  really good for cleaning you jewellery apparently!!!

Lake Mackenzie 360

Bugger, bit murky down here!  Would have made excellent shots otherwise!!!

Vid 1 Vid 2 Vid 3 Vid 4
Here's some videos of me and a bunch of others running down the dunes into the water...  It was excellent fun!!!


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