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Week 16
17th - 23rd May 2004

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As with a lot of campsites I visited, this ones got a cockatoo...  and yes, it says 'Helloooo'!!!

At the picnic ground where we stopped for lunch, we spotted this weird thing... ???

Sarah trying to get a better view of Mt Beerwah apparently...  I reckon she just wanted to have a go on the slide!!!

Mmmm...  Bok Choy, garlic, noodles and left-overs of my red curry from the night before...  Mmmm...

The dump...

Relaxing outside the Kombi


We're NUTS!!!

No visit to Kingaroy is complete without a visit to the Peanut Van!!!

We stocked up with Salted Monkey Nuts, Peanut Crunch and Viennese Coated Nuts!!!  Mmmm.

As we were driving off to the Bunya Mountains again, we passed, and stopped at this wonderful Bottle Tree!!!

Which was guarded by small thistle type plants that made bare-foot exploration very painful!!!

A bizarre bottle tree!  Totally hollow!

Oooh, they're growing peanuts in these fields...  the fields looked a bit flat tho...

We reached one of the walks in the Bunya Mountains, so we checked it out.  It was only a little one...

Alien spaceship cloud...

The Bunya Mountains: More eroded plateaus...  just like the Blue Mountains...  lying gits!

BUGGER!!!  We run over a python!!!  poor thing... had to reverse back and finish the blighter off...

All the houses here have wallabies in the garden!  Cool!

Wallaby waiting for the next showing of "Skippy, The Movie"

They were bloody everywhere!!!

But they ain't having any of out tucker!

Cool clouds...

More sunset photos...

Strange jellyfish cloud...

Nice sun rays...

Happy snappy Sarah!
She's a quick learner... took almost as many photos as me!

Breakfast = Jam and cheese sandwich...  made with Tasty Coon cheese... with "The Original Coon Taste"*

(* not available in the USA for some reason...???!)

My what an odd suntan you have this morning Sarah!

We decided to check out the big long

More excellent strangler fig trees...

These Bunya Pine trees are weird...  they often split half way up...  this one looks like someone's legs

We found a cool vine to swing on!!!

Let's go to the
Bundaberg Rum Distillery!!!

Looks rather shabby...  but then we find out that's just the sugar mill where they get their molasses from...

There's Bundy himself!!!  Trapped in a glass show cabinet tho...

Yes, it's a Drive-Thru Bottle Shop !!!

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