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Week 18
2nd - 5th June 2004

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Lets Go Sailing
Round The

Well there's hundreds of boats to chose from when sailing round the Whitsunday Islands...  many good ones... and many dodgy ones... like the little ones that take 50 people and only sleep 10...  I didn't want anything like that, so I picked a biggie!!!  I wanted a big creaking old wooden thing with big sails...  a bit like a tall ship...  So I picked Defender... The biggest one there is! (in the Whitsundays that is...)

Getting onboard involved a little trip in a tinnie over to where Defender was moored...

We set sail and left Airlie Beach

One of the best bits about tall ships like these is that they have lovely big bow nets to lay in and watch the bow cut through the waves....

It's a hard life...

Down comes the sail...

More snorkelling required I reckon!!!

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