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Week 21
21st - 27th June 2004

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Lets go
White Water Rafting!!!
We were staying in Mission beach... which was very handy it turned out... cos it's the closest to the Tully River Gorge where you do the rafting... and also, the important bit, there was a small off-shoot company that ran only from Mission that took only 3 rafts down the river instead of 30! that the other two companies take down...  Namely Xtreme Team (http://www.rtextreme.com/)  So we would get the more personal guided rafting experience instead of the production line rafting experience... It also meant that we could get up the river quicker to get our boats in the water before the riff-raff arrived!  This would mean no waiting around at each rapid section...  Cool!

Chris, our guide... And the boss of Xtreme Team
He was a wealth of experience, knowledge and stories...  Cool!

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