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Week 22
28th June 2004

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We decided we needed a bath... but being really tight, none of us wanted to pay for anything...  so we decided to check out the hot springs down the road...  As with all the names of things and places, here fitted into the usual aussie naming regime...  They're called Innot Hot Springs !!!  You can imagine the explorers dipping their toes into the strangely steaming creek and shouting "Crickey!!!  Init Hot!"  ...That's my theory anyway!!!

The water straight out the ground was scalding hot... but the little pools that were a little bit down the creek were just right...  a nice hot bath temperature!  The water probably contains all sorts of minerals and stuff, including what seemed like metallic particles that glistened in the sun... cool.

On the way back to Cairns, I checked out the wind farm...  there were quite a few wind turbines along the ridge (20 to be precise...) all whirring away on a perfect windy day...

The hills and valleys up here did remind me a little bit of the Downs back home... but perhaps not so rounded...

Could help but check out yet another fig tree... this one was the Curtain Fig Tree... it was a strangler fig tree that fell over a bit when the strangled tree gave in and it then propped itself up against another neighbouring tree... then put down all it's roots creating a lovely curtain effect... lovely!


A little bit distressing for Mustie...!  I stopped to check out the Kombi that we spotted in the trees just at the top of the mountain road... I looks like the poor thing had been there quite a while... and looks like the creek next to it had flooded and washed it up to its resting place where I found it...  it would probably need quite a bit of work to get it back on the road I reckon!!!

Back at the hostel (Tropic Days) it was Aussie BBQ night... with Roo, Emu and Croc on the menu...

After the BBQ there was a Didge playing compo...  Quite funny!

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