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Week 35
30th September - 2nd October 2004

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Let's go on
Kakadu 4WD Safari

"We wake up with the Kookaburras call"... My arse!  They're all tucked up in bed still!  It's before 5am!

Tracy battling up the hill...

We're standing on rippled sand... very old rippled sand...

We made it to the top!

Or the escarpment... but still a hike to the falls...

And it's a tad sunny up here... better put some sunscreen on... but perhaps not that much Tracy!

A funnel-web spider down there???

30,000 years old apparently...
And it's a half woman, half wallaby if you hadn't worked that out already...
It's protected by a layer of silica glaze that come out of the rocks... this prevents if from being washed away as this whole area is flooded in the wet season.

Pissed up Cockatoos hanging about in the trees...

Don't tell the girls, but I spotted about 20-30 of these little cute fellas (Wolf Spiders) all around the edge of the camp.
Wearing a head torch allows you to see all those pairs of tiny red eyes staring back at you...Cool!

A lie-in this morning... 7am start...

The Gang

Coatsy was driving us along the highway, but not really looking where he was going... he did this for a little while, staring out of his side window, looking into the trees...  Then he stamped on the brakes, stopped sharp and leapt out of the LandCruiser and ran off in to bush...  and came back out with this!

A Frill-necked Lizard!
It wasn't happy with Coatsy snatching it off the tree trunk by it's tail and was showing us it's lovely array of sharp teeth!  Coool!

Let's Go
Croc Feeding!!!

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