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Week 42
18th - 21st November 2004

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Let's go on a
Wine Tasting Tour
Margaret River
The Bush-Tucker Wine Tour

Climb the Bicentennial Tree

The walkways at Walpole

Just entering Denmark!!!?!?!

I spotted this fine letter box just before entering Albany...  Wouldn't wanna be the postman sticking my hand in here if the jaws closed!!!

I arrived in Esperance to have lunch...

What's that sleeping in the seaweed?

It's Sammy the Sealion!!!

And I think he was a bit pissed off that I was sticking my camera up his nose!!!
"Bugger off!!  I'm trying to sleep!!!"

Catch you later Sammy!

On the way up from Esperance to Kalgoorlie, I passed loads of massive salt lakes...

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