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Week 43
22nd - 24th November 2004

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Welcome to
Home of the Super Pit, Skimpy Bars and Kevin Bloody Wilson!!!

A little shovel at work... it has two V16 diesel engines powering it!!!

The Super Pit
It looks tiny in this photo!

A couple of tiny haul trucks... Don't forget they're massive!!!  Spot the LandCruiser passing them... it's a dot.

Area drilled and probably charged with explosives ready to go off that evening at the blast off!

The corrugated iron camels at Norseman

Drive Across
The Nullarbor!!!

The turning for the Eyre Highway, the road across the Nullarbor!

Just under 40C, quite cool :-)

A recurring feature...  Straight roads to the horizon and beyond...

An emergency runway for the Royal Flying Doctors Service

"90 Mile Straight"
Australia's longest straight road

Ears checks out the sign...

Yup, it's straight.

An explosives truck!

Looking back at the sun hiding behind a cloud

Caiguna Blowhole
There's loads of cave systems under the Nullarbor and they breath thru these holes when the air pressure changes...

The air coming out the hole was bloody freezing! 5C colder at least, but I didn't hang around in the hole for long and it was 6pm too... and only 25C instead of 40C plus

Sunset thru the Kombi!

Spot the bullet holes with the sunset behind the sign...

I reach the end of the 90 mile straight...

One of the weird time zone changes...  45 minutes forward!!!

Looking off the Hampton Tablelands down at the Madura Plains at Madura Pass

The scenery certainly changes as you head down the pass down to the 'Oasis'

Looking back at the cliffs of the Tablelands

The Western Australia Bottle Tree... A bit different to the Queensland Bottle Tree which is bottle shaped...  This one grows bottles!!!

You can just make it out going up the road, it's a police car!!!
They pulled me over and checked my licence and asked me if I was carrying any illegal drugs or anything... errrrr...  now let me think...  Yes officer, I've got 50kg of crack cocaine in the back... Duh!!!

The edge of the plains in the distance as it climbs back up on to the top of the tablelands.

Mirages of the sand dunes in the distance.

Climbing back up onto the tablelands at Eucla Pass

The South and Western Australia border at Eucla

You are now leaving
Western Australia!!!

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