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Week 43
24th - 28th November 2004

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Welcome to
South Australia!!!

The South and Western Australia border at Eucla

Solar and wind power

UFOs? spooky! 

Rooey II a World Cities road sign and a road train...

The famous Nullarbor road sign...
Everyone and every has this photo!

Straight roads forever!

Big Boomerang

Cool Wombat

Still 40C...

The Giant Galah!
At Cowell

A house zooms past on the road... like they do...

The view of a iron mine in the distance...

Iron Knob...

A huge shovel!

Looking back at Iron Knob

Port Augusta... shit-hole... there used to be a hostel here... not any more... so I checked into a caravan park.

At the caravan park I met an English couple, Jim & Jen who took me out fishing!

I managed to get these shots of port Augusta... and they actual make the place look almost beautiful!!!  Which is just wrong!



The Murray River at Mildura

Crossing the Vic/NSW border, grand prix style...

Sounds like a delightful place... Not!

It must be hot... the road is melting... no joke!

If you look closely, you'll see that I'm driving thru a locust plague!  Bloody millions on locusts!  I went thru 10-15 of them that day... they were wreaking havoc with the farmer's crops!

Let's go and Visit
Wal & Mel
In Young

Wal & Mel are from my home village, Wadhurst, well Wal is, Mel's actually from Robertsbridge, but we all went to school at Uplands in Wadhurst.  Wal is half Australian, and they moved out here what seems

Inspecting the flak damage from the locust plagues

The kids found me a spider to pick up and photograph...  It's a lovely Wolf Spider...

And another spider, this time a Huntsman, but his legs look a bit crook after being poked around too much!

Cecilia, the 16 year old Norwegian aupare of Steve's & Mege's, Wal's & Mel's mates... she felt a bit tired at the end of the night... apparently nothing to do with the bottle of red wine she had drunk! ha ha!
Wal kindly took these photos... and he may have planted the wine bottle too...

Wal's & Mel's pad... not a bad little setup aye!  Will be amazing when they build the new house just behind the existing one...

One of Wal's horses gets a welcome hose-down on this scorching day!

back to the paddock...

Wal's little workshop... a tad bigger than one in Wadhurst!

Wal had a set of old-time Wadhurst photo coasters... where we both grew up!!!

Wal's dogs

Sandy nose

A lovely cloud dumps rain in the distance lit up nicely by the setting sun...

The sunset

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