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Week 44
29th - 5th December 2005

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After saying goodbye to Wal, Mel, the kids, the dogs and the rest of the animals, I headed off back to Sydney!

90,000.0kms on the clock

After getting back into Sydney and checking back into Pink House and then headed over to Bondi to meet a mate.
These are shots of a deceptively dark Bondi Beach looking into the sun...

A tall ship...

Walking over the bridge again...

Down the cafe/bookshop in Bondi for a bite to eat and some music with Jorien, who I'd met in The Witch's Hat in Perth!

Tasting some bizarre cocktail with Joy, the 'goofy' Canadian (her description!)

Let's go to

The boys and girls go surfing

Meanwhile, I make friends with a little bee

The North Cronulla & Coogee surf rowing boys and girls come out for some training races...

Note the wedgies!
They all, in unison, just before pushing off and jumping in the boat, wrenched their bathers up their arse cracks and then all dunk their arses in the water before jumping in... all in well practiced unison... coool!

Get ready girls...

And they're off!  They don't hang about when they set off I tell ya!

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