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Week 48

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31st December 2004 - 2nd January 2005

New Years Eve
Sydney Harbour

Hello 2005!!!


New Years Day!

Usually a lazy day... this was no exception...

Ravi was over the moon when Lucy flung a pair of her knickers over to him to sniff...!!!

The lads (including little Kat the Scot) played footy down at Rushcutters Bay...  We just laid around and watched :-)

Off on the Bondi to Coogee walk again...

And we found the hole in the cliff top that Shelly told me about months ago, but due to two people snogging under the ledge, no photos were had back then...

Bekki pokes her head out...

Then Paul had a go, but after his shots, we noticed that his hair made a perfect seal in the hole!
And so the Mop Monster was born!!!

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