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Week 51
17th - 23rd January 2005

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We are gathered here tonight to celebrate the leaving of our dear friend Jason Canadia!

Batty Bat... and his mates...

Watching Bruce's show for the millionth time...

The Big ship is back again!

Bruce on his bed of nails

And getting paid.

Our wonderful stash of spare crockery and cutlery in room 18!!!

Let's go to Palm Beach again...
This time in the Kombi!

...But wait, isn't this where they film Home & Away???

Summer Bay???

And what are all these cables doing in the sand???
Woo Hoo!  They're filming!!!

It's a shame I recognise none of the cast filming today...  it's been 10 years since I probably last saw it on the telly!

Well we reckon they were filming themselves filming a TV commercial for donuts or summink...  that's our theory anyway!

Sandy nose...

Lot's of Blue Bottles along the beach.

Barrenjoey Lighthouse

Mmmm.... Pie....

Pete's leaving doo...

Steve 'n' Gerry Jammin' in the courtyard

Adam & Bruce's marvellous balancing tricks in the music room!

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