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Week 52
26th January 2005

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26th of January

Barbara stole my camera to snap this shot of Guy & Kat snoozing... Ahhh!

Guy looking cool in Ravi's Xmas Oz hat thing... Looking cool Guy!

Today's timetable of Australia Day...

Another sky writer advertising another radio channel

Hyde Park and the surrounding streets were flooded with this humongous vintage car show!  There were bloody thousands of cars!

Oooh, big crowd at the Opera House!

The aerobatic display team... I'm sure one's missing... oh yeah, he crashed last week near Melbourne!  (bailed out ok tho!)

Everyone's watching the bloody tennis... that's why there's so many people here!
Not a bad location I guess... watching the Australian Open from the Sydney Opera House!

Some of the thousands of boats in the harbour

0s & Xs

Sam dropped my the lid to my water bottle in the drink...  Bugger!

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