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Week 55
14th - 20th February 2005

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Swedish Steve and his new Earrings

Jock the cockroach

Steve and Nik pop round...

Another day out to Watson's Bay

Let's Go To
Mardi Gras Fair Day!!!

We woke up to thunderstorms and torrential rain...  But is  brightened up, so we went along anyway...

What a cool name for a beetle!!!  Wouldn't want these plates on mine tho aye!

No comment.

Weather: Patchy cloud at the moment...

Quite a few people turned up for it... but not as many as last year... which had perfect weather!!!

Then at about 5pm, it started raining...  and then it started raining real hard!!!

Everyone pissed off apart from a few of us hardcore folk...  who found shelter in the now abandoned market stools

The rain slows a bit, but it's too late, everyone gone home!!!

ZoŽ the GIMP!

After returning to the Pink House to dry their clothes in the tumble drier, they head off home back to Bondi...

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