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Week 56
23rd February 2005

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Let's Go
In The
Blue Mountains

I'd been telling Wendy, one of the Pink House girls, about the canyoning I'd done back in march and she was keen on doing it, and I definitely wanted to do it again!  So we rang up one of the companies, the Blue Mountains Adventure Company (BMAC) and booked ourselves on one of their Intermediate full day canyons: Serendipity.
So we scooted up to Katoomba Tuesday night and stayed in the wonderful little No. 14 hostel! (very nice!)

It was an early start, meeting at the office at 8am.  There we got kitted up with out wetsuits, rucksacks, sarnies, harnesses, dry bags and sexy shorts! 

Looks like something out of Jurassic Park!!!
Huge tree ferns.

We headed off down to the bottom of the canyon...quite a trek!

When we got tot the bottom, we then got changed into our lovely wetsuits and sexy shorts!!!
(Check them out!!!!)

And we headed off down the canyon!

First challenge was a little waterfall that we had to abseil down,


Nice day up there!
But it is often a bit  dark down here in the bottom of the canyon...

Shame the lens steamed up :-(

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