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Week 62
4th - 10th April 2005

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Let's go to
Neighbours Night!!!
...again, but this time in it's spiritual home, Melbourne!

This time, we were blessed with the presence of some geezer called Connor, who had a Northern Irish accent, don't know him...Lyn Scully, met her last time but still don't know who she is...  Joe Mangle!!!  aka Mark Little, who lives in Hove actually! (down the road from my house back home!) Top bloke!  And of course, Harold!  The dirty old git!

Hey, it's Mark Little coming to see us!!!

G'day Joe Mangle!!!

Oh, it's that Lyn Scully bird again... ho hum...

Some geezer called Connor... Sounded Northern Irish... Dunno why he was at Neighbours Night!?!?!!??

It's Harold!!!!
...worryingly, it looks like he's got his hand on my knee...

Never gonna wash again!!!

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