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Week 68

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18th May 2005

Let's go to
Freycinet National Park
and checkout
Wineglass Bay!!!

Oh... the mountains seem to be covered in could...  Aren't we supposed to be climbing up one of them???

Looking south over the national park from Coles Bay

The Hazards

Wake up Julia!

We chose our walks for the day:  First, climb Mt Amos, then wander down to Wineglass Bay Beach

We started climbing up in to the clouds... !! :-(

On the way up Mt Amos, we started to get a glimpse of amazing views of Coles bay etc...

The landscape was strewn with bloody humongous boulders balancing precariously on the slopes of the mountain...  Imagine these things rolling down the mountain at ya!

Wicked rocks and water marks...  would love to come up here after torrential rains to see it flowing!!!

Mustie the Kombi in the car park... She's there, honest!


Still cloudy up there...

When we got to the top, we couldn't see shit...  we were up in the middle of the clouds and it was grey in all directions

THEN... 15 minutes later, the cloud magically cleared!!!  Wineglass bay was below, bathed in sunshine looking up at us... But only for a minute before the clouds come back to hide everything again.  But this meant that our climb was totally worth it and all we had to do was wait to see if the cloud would clear again for us... 

So we sat around for ages, wait and waiting...

Time for a group photo...

The two of us on top of Mt Amos

Cheer up Julia!
The sun was trying to burn thru...

The clouds just teased us for ages

Julia had bloody cold hands so I lent her my gloves as she'd forgotten her mittens

Even if her fingers were in the fingers of the gloves, she wouldn't have felt me standing on them cos they were so numb!

Getting all tied up!

"help, I can't see!"

Not the most natural of photography techniques...

Still the clouds tease us...

Slowly it cleared...

Looking down on Wineglass Bay

Julie flapping her empty arms around...

Sunshine on the sea to the north...

Ergh!  Julia having to put her sweaty shirts back on that she took off to dry...

Wineglass Bay

Isn't it lovely


Trying to shake some blood back into her fingers...

Julia my dear, you seem to have a circulation problem!!!

Getting a few more shots it before the cloud closes in again...

I climb up on a rock and Julia runs back up to the top to get some shots...  Of me standing there in the grey cloud...  bugger...

Well we'd seen what we wanted to see and got the photos, so we headed back down...

The rock in the middle looks like an animal I reckon!

Richardson's Beach in Coles Bay looking nice and clear now

A lighthouse a long way in the distance...

We were right at the dew point altitude where the cloud bottoms live...  And the sun beamed down thru the gaps

Wicked cloud shadows on the sea

Spot the Julia twins...

Julia finds a nice stone chair to recline on for a snooze...

more great rock formations

We'd conquered Mt Amos, so when we'd returned to the bottom, we headed to Wineglass Bay Beach itself!

We got half way along the track to the beach and headed off the track up to the lookout... which, compared to the top of Mt Amos, was shit really... but it was still an amazing view ;-)

Check out the face in the rock!!!  Looks like a witch I reckon!

Wineglass Bay Beach

Looking along the beach from the orange lichen covered rocks

These Germans are crazy!!! going paddling in freezing cold rough sea!!!

Big beautiful clouds

The waves were really long here, and the whole wave often crashed in one go along it's long length.

Sun, sea, sand, waves, rocks, mountains and clouds...

A bloody great pile of kelp

looking along the crashing waves

Julia scoffing all the peanuts whilst I take a couple more photos...

The setting sun lights up the rocks

We reach the lookout again, at the end of the uphill section and have a well earned rest...

On our lovely curvy bench

The sunset was lovely, we didn't have a very good vantage point for it, but the clouds sure did light up for us.

Wow, well we can tick Wineglass Bay of the list for sure!!!
We did quite a lot of fairly tough walking that day and it felt so nice to take our boots off at the end!
I reckon the cloud cover on top of Mt Amos just made us appreciate the view better when the clouds did lift!

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