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Week 68

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19th - 22nd May 2005

I met up with Julia in the week for some grub and spotted this strangely dressed man in the Italian!!!

Julia creating her masterpiece brass rubbing!

Cool little spiders web blown gently by the wind.

The BIG Tree

Sadly these photos make the tree look tiny!  But it was HUGE!

Now it's starting to look bigger..

The dying top of the BIG Tree

Huon Pine tree

G'day possum!

We had stayed the night near Dover, in the much talked about Far South Backpacker...  It was indeed excellent!  Again we found ourselves the only occupants!  This place was a brand new house in the middle of nowhere.  Cool!

Great living area

It had two double rooms

And 6 dorm beds upstairs

With a balcony!

Nice eh!

The inlet down the track from the house.

Cockle Creek
Population 4

The beach at Recherché Bay...  Bloody nice eh!  Julie wanted desperately to go for a swim... but we decided to go for the walk first... (it's gonna be bloody freezing in there!!!)

A lovely whale sculpture

The end of Australia's most southerly road!!!

The little bridge over Cockle Bay

Amazingly clear water.
Full of cockles too!!!  As the name would suggest.

Our goal for the day...  Hike down to South Cape Bay, the most southerly point you can get to in Australia!!!

Swamps ahead!

Walking along the boardwalk across the swamps of Blowhole Valley

Strange tiny bright red fungi.

Almost there... the wind and the noise were getting stronger...


It was hellishly windy here!!!

Clever use of a finger to mask the sun ;-)

The soft sedimentary rock cliffs shaped by the wind.

Check out how the tops of the waves are being ripped off by the wind and huge big clouds of spray then swirl up into the sky...

Julia finds a rock seat someone had made

We posed for a photo with the South Cape, Australian Continent's most southerly point, in the distance...  But the first take I slipped on the rocks and knocked us both over! ha!


Weird bug or what!

The almost full moon over the Kombi

Tell-tale footprints heading off into the Southern Ocean at Recherché Bay where we earlier decided that it would be a great place for swim...  It was a case of run in, swim one stroke, run out screaming and head back to the van before anyone saw us!

Almost a full moon over the trees

We stopped in Dover for some food and found a lovely wood fired pizza restaurant with delicious pizzas... The owner presented us with some sparklers when we left!

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