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Week 69

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23rd - 28th May 2005

Let's go up
Mount Wellington
As they're forecasting

Yep, it's snowing...

The view of Hobart was... errr...  Not present today...

Lot's of ice built up on all the hand railings...

Bit cold are we Julia?

The structure on the summit was caked in ice too...

Seems to be getting whiter and colder up here!

Julia looking a bit refreshed after the cold blast...  Nice lumberjack shirt!

Oh, our windows are frozen up...  The penguin seems to love it tho!

The drive down was a bit hairy as there was loads more snow, and a several hundred metre drop off the side of the slippery road :-o  We made it down ok tho.

Me old mukka ZoŽ (from Brighton & The Pink House) turned up in Hobart with her 4x4 Pajero.  So we cooked her a lovely satay veggie thingy... Mmmm...

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