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Week 71

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12th June 2005

Safely back in Sydney again, hooray!
It's Sunday again and that means road-trip day!  So Steve suggested another visit up to the wonderful Palm Beach!

Driving over our lovely little bridge...

Walking up the beach towards the headland we notices this Triffid sized weird plant thing...  the 'trunk' was massive!

Sand dunes

What's that running around in the bushes???

It's ickle Ratty Rat!

We'd wandered down and around the cliffs of the headland and found a good vantage point looking back down Palm Beach...  Spot the lone surfer and kayaker...  We were wondering if there were gonna be sharks swimming around in the waters here and what we'd do if we saw a big black shadow swimming up underneath the surfer!  Eeek!

Chopper flew over

Don't jump!

Steve sitting on the ledge...

Back at Barrenjoey Lighthouse on the top the headland for our guided tour of it.

The fuel room with an old Lister back-up generator and a acetylene lamp head

Spiralling up

Rainbows everywhere!

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