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Week 74

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3rd July 2005

Sunday is Bingo Night!!!
With you host
Crazy Steve
This weeks special guest host
Steve 'The Mechanic' & Jon 'Elf Boy'

John is dragged out of the crowd...

...And is transformed, with the aid of the lost property box, into Elf Boy!!!

Yay!!!  I got the first line!!! I win!!!  I win a Plum Pudding that was left over from Christmas!!!  Woo!!!

It was Crazy Steve's last night cleaning the hostel's kitchen, and Miranda thought it would be a nice idea to give him a little present....
So everyone flower-bombed him followed by a jug of water!!! ha ha ha ha!!!  Dough!!!

Crazy Steve get it!
"I've gotta wear these to work tomorrow!"

Needless to say the kitchen was a bit of a bitch to clean that night...

An hour later and he still hasn't quite finished...  Poor chap.

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