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Week 82

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22nd August 2005

Well it was my last day on the lovely Manta Ray Island Resort...  Perhaps I'll get a treat...

And sure enough, early in the morning, the drums on the beach are playing.... that means...

The Manta Rays are here!!!

So we all bundled into the boat...

...and off we went, over to the Tokatokauna Pass between Naviti Island and Drawaqa Island

As we got there, we could see the big black shadows beneath the water and the wing-tips breaking the surface!

Oh look!  a manta ray has bitten off one of my friends feet!

Check out the little yellow stripy fishes swimming in front of the Manta Ray's mouth

Manta Ray pancake!

The guys sing the Manta Ray Island farewell song for me one last time!

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