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Week 86

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19th - 22nd September 2005

Let's go and see Bruce down at Circular Quay!

Another great night with Beau providing the entertainment down O'Malley's

Jo (from Canadia) returned from his successful Visa-Run to New Zealand, with news of befriending a Midget and getting a piercing...  Thru his tongue and his 3rd nipple!!!  No shit!

Kieran got pissed and fell asleep in the TV room one evening....  Fatal mistake!

Kieran... or should we call you Krusty?!?!?!?

He awakes... not really registering the crap he's covered in...

Somehow we persuaded him that he was hungry and that he wanted a PieFace meat pie for dinner... so we went up the Cross and bought one with him!  To the amusement of the shopkeeper... and us! Ha ha ha ha...

Chris then somehow convinced him that he needed a haircut... and that he could do it for him with his clippers!!!

"No 3 short-back-and-sides please..."
More like No1 on the top and leave the rest!

But Chris felt a bit of guilt and decided to finish the job properly...

...Apart from one little patch! ha!

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