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Week 87

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26th September - 2nd October 2005

Happy Birthday Emily!!!

It's the Latino festival down at darling harbour!

Darling harbour from the upstairs of the Watershed Bar...

Quite bright out there aye!

Frank and the girls doing a bit of Salsa

The dangly lights hanging along Hyde Park...

Let's go to Hunter Valley Again!!!
This time with me ol' mukkas, Nik & Steve!

It was a public holiday weekend... so the traffic out of Sydney on Saturday was quite heavy!!! not something I'm used to driving in Oz!!!

We didn't book anything in advance, so we were lumbered with this place...  Woo Hoo!!!
Ok, we paid a few bucks, but it was bloody lovely!!!

Nice reflection down on our lake

Our lake

Bloody great ant hill

a shack of shite...

Steve plays rolley-polley down the bank... luckily avoiding the roo poo

It's a hard life


Sunset before we headed down the pub

I can't see any roos... but they're out there somewhere...

Not a bad vista

The little Lucy's Run winery

Where the lovely Lucy the dog lives!!!
I landed up buying some of their lovely Olive Oil and Dakkah stuff...  it was delicious...  I'm sure having the soppy mutt there boosts their sales ten-fold!!!  I know I was a sucker for the mutt!

We stopped for lunch and spotted this fine young lady in the back on one of the other tour busses...

A few quids worth of shiny stainless steel wine fermenters...

Corks...  being replaced by screw-tops quite a lot now!

Red wine fermenters...  note the widgets for pushing the skins down into the wine to give you the colour and the horrible bitter taste of red wine! Yuck!

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