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Week 90

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22nd - 23rd October 2005

It's Miranda's 3rd Anniversary in the Pink House!
Let's have a surprise party!!!

The preparations begin... 125 balloons to blow up!

Everyone waiting patiently for Miranda to return from Kings Cross where Bruce had taken her out so that we could prepare for the surprise...

Tasha greets her in the hallway and tells her to close her eyes...


3... is the magic number!

Miranda's back doing the stuff she loves best... clearing up after one really pissed guy pissed in someone's shoes rather than the toilet in the middle of the night in dorm 6... ha ha ha!
The funniest bit tho was when she informed him and his female mate that they wouldn't be getting their key deposit back because of this and the guy, who didn't know what he'd done, just turned red... and his mate almost pissed her knickers laughing as they checked out of the hostel! Ha ha ha!

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