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Week 96

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29th November 2005

Hello Caz & Sproggs!
(My sister, nephew (Jo) and nieces (Lucy & Jenny))
They kindly came to pick me up from a cold and miserable Heathrow Airport!

My and my bags...  30kg + 10kg...!!!  and Singapore Airlines thankfully didn't charge me excess at all! Very nice people!
I didn't have my fleece on when walked out the arrivals gate to be greeted by Caz and the Sproggs, so I turned up at Heathrow in only my shorts and t-shirt!

Right, now it's time to go off and surprise the rest of my family, who don't know I'm coming home today!

Hello Mum!!!
Ok, Mum wasn't that surprised, as I'd mentioned coming home at about this date to her a few weeks previous on the phone... But she was please to see me! :-)

Hello Ant!!!
The most surprised of the lot as you can see!  Banging on the door of Liz's house he's doing up in evenings made him think the neighbours were coming around to moan about the noise again... But no! it was his dear brother :-)

Hello Dad!!!
What are you doing here???"  Dad was a little bit surprised, but he was glad to see me as he had so many computer problems for me to fix!!! Hmmmm.

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