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Part 2 - Week 1

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15th August 2006

OK, so let's head off on part 2 of my Round The World travels...

I picked a great day to fly, just days after the UK uncovered another terrorist plot to blow up the planes flying to the states...  And the flight I picked was from LHR to JFK... which was likely the flight they would have blown up!  Luckily, they were apparently planning of blowing up the flights the next day if they hadn't been rumbled... and they were targeting US airlines, to my Virgin Atlantic flight was probably not targeted.
All the airports had turned to carnage tho! Convenient :-|

We were told to get to the airport 4 hours before our flights, but luckily, a few days after the scare, the situation had calmed down a bit and I only had to wait outside the terminal building for about an hour... :-o

My enormous yellow 'top banana' bag...
Yes it weighs far too much! Doh!

So I got into Terminal 2 finally and checked in, went thru security and all was fine, it didn't take any longer than usual really...  So I headed off to the gate when indicated... everything was looking good for the scheduled 2pm takeoff...

...But no...  at the gate, we waited and waited, queuing to get into the gate's waiting lounge...  They were body-searching everyone on the way into the lounge.  This took bloody hours!

Eventually I boarded but we were already over half an hour late...

And we sat in the plane for hours... waiting for them to body search the rest of the passengers...

So, one and a half hours late, we pull back from our gate and trundle off down the taxi-way

But it took another half an hour to wait for our turn to take off!

And we're off!  Finally...

The Queen Mother Reservoir...  cor!

Windsor Castle

So off I fly across the big pond, to the big apple!!!

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