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Part 2 - Week 1

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15th August 2006



Yay! I didn't get blown up!

After waiting ages to get thru immigration (it was queue-tastic... z z z z)

This new trip of mine was a continuation of my European travels that i'd been doing for the last few months, basically calling in and seeing all my new mates i'd met on the last RTW trip!!!  This is one of the benefits of these kinda travels!

So first stop was NYC of course...  and I had arranged to meet up with Lee, a true New York girl that I'd met back in Feb '04 when i was first in Sydney and in the Pink House Hostel.  Lee very kindly offered to put me up and to show me around her little city...  COOL!!!

So after i'd finally got thru JFK, I rung Lee and she was waiting in the carpark for me, the poor girl, I was very late in the end!  So after finding her in her Grand Cherokee, we then sped off in to the mad New York traffic... it was bonkers!

As we were late, we headed straight to the lovely Italian restaurant where her mum, dad, sister and grandma were waiting!!!

Her folks were really cool, and very funny, especially her grandma!  Think of a very short, very wrinkly, very old but very animated Jewish grandma with bright red lipstick and the most amazing sense of humour!  She was hilarious!

We ate some lovely Italian pasta and Lee's mum then listed the fantastic food that i really should sample in NYC...  As NYC is famous for it's food from around the world!

After the meal Lee, her sister and I then headed off to do some sight-seeing of NYC at night...

Time square... from the car...

A shaky/blurry Empire State Building

The best way of seeing NYC at night is from the top of the Empire State Building... so we sent up it!

In the foyer...

The view from the top of the ESB was pretty amazing!!!

The famous decor was quite cool..

Lee's sister Genny, with Lee.  My tour guides for the night!

We jumped on one of the red bus tours, an easy way to see the city...  we did the Downtown loop.

The bus' tour guide wasn't kidding when he warned us not to stand up when the bus was moving...  The traffic lights are forehead height!!!

The 'wedge of cheese' building

The Raging Bull at the end of Wall Street...

We jumped off the bus for a bit and had some lunch...  Today's NYC Food Experience starts with Pizza...  So we asked some local workers where the best NY Pizza place was and wandered down there for a couple of scrummy slices

This sculpture wears the scars of the WTC collapse


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