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Part 2 - Week 1

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18th August 2006


My Amtrak train

Let's go and see
Niagara Falls!

The day was a bit dreary... but the falls are still amazing!!!

The Maid In The Mist boats

Gotta love all that yucky froth

Niagara is nice during the day... but at night, Whoa!

It's Friday night, so we get free fireworks! Yay!

That night, after checking out the falls, i then waited for Rach, one of my mates i met in Sydney to come and pick me up... and i waiting... and waited...  Eventually at 2:30am i think, she came...  She couldn't get off work till well late, but it all worked out in the end.

Rach took me to the St Jacobs Market... and we found a joey!

Me scoffing my award winning wings at Rach's restaurant.

Next it was Mich's turn to entertain me.  I'd met both Rach & Mich in Sydney in fact.  they were travelling together.

Mich took me to check out Hamilton Harbour (Burlington Bay)

Cor!  A castle!

A Black Squirrel

The start of an obsession...  I first discover Cherry Milkshakes from Dairy Queen...

This mighty strange girl bought a blizzard for her dog.  She emptied it on the flaw and the dog lapped it up!  Healthy dog...

Justin, Mich's brother poses for some ghost photos

The catalogue pose

Looking good!

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