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Week 079

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16th February 2008

Today I'm heading up to London for tonight's PH reunion... but typically, there's engineering works on the railways, so I get dumped at London Bridge, instead of Charing Cross...  So I decide to walk along the Thames since it's a nice day eh!

The wibbly, wobbly Millennium Footbridge

This day I was also blessed with the promise of Lunch with Caroline (over from Dublin with Bryan) who I'd travelled over to Tassie with back in '05... That turned out to be the ill-fated trip where Mustie the Kombi decided to blow up :-( But this didn't stop us enjoying the in-bred Island, by finding the pickled frog and eating all the chocolate in Hobart!
Caroline was buying but I chose where we ate, so GBK it was!
Also joined by Caroline's cousin, errr. thingameebob...
It turned out to be an excellent lunch and we all left there absolutely stuffed after the gross over-ordering! Yay!

After Meeting up with Kev, where I was crashing that night, I then headed off to tonight's main attraction:

The Pink House Winter '08 Reunion/Pissup
Walkabout Bar, Temple, London, UK

Tonight's Attendees: Abby, Alicia, Dan, Becky (& Sis, Anna), Kate, Sam, Oliver, Raj, Liz, Steve, Paul, Derek (& friends), Andy (& Michaela), Fearghal, Chris, Rachael, Alex, Keeley, Ruaridh... And me! (Have I missed anyone off?)
20 Pinkhousers, not a bad turnout!
Well done to all of you that turned up, but special top marks for Derek and friends for coming all the way down from Edinburgh and also the Irish boys for flying over too!

OK, so on with the usual shenanigans!

Tonight's Venue

Yoohoo, Rachael!

There seemed to be a lot of winking that night... dunno why...

Can't explain this one...

I think they are all in some weird bracelet cult...

I dread to think how much Fearghal spent that night... I know I owe him a shot or two!

Something tells me that Chris doesn't like Tequila!

Stop blinking Becky!

Does it look like I have one really short arm?



Fearghal is the king of air-guitar... But that reached a new level tonight...


Enjoying your wine Ruaridh?

Poor Feargy

Chris was quite liking the dry-humping I think...


Chris wins the prize for actually wearing something PINK!

Fearghal definitely wins the gold medal for entertainment by a long way that night!

After the reunion, I headed back to Ladbroke Grove, and Kev's house for their party...
Quite an international affair, mostly Spanish speaking with some Aussie thrown in :-D

Monica... or is it Mary? ...on air guitar!

Ryan at work

James breaking a golden rule of any party, never pass-out on the sofa... anything can happen!


Kev looking a bit green

The Alberts

No trip to london can go without popping in to the Science Museum! I'm never going to grow up! :-D

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