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Part 3 - Week 1

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9th March 2008

Part 3

OK, so it's time to hit the road again...  This time with a working holiday visa for NZ in my back pocket... but I won't be getting there until October at the earliest...  Stuff to see before then!!!
So I'm starting with the States...  and an appointment with a Space Shuttle!!!  Oooh!

So leaving from Gatwick this time, much easier to get to from my house!

As I took this pic, one of the guys at the gate ran over saying that I wasn't allowed to take photos of the aircraft, as it was a security risk... EH?!?!?!?!?
He apologized and requested that I delete the photo I had just taken...  so I did...  but I didn't delete the pic I had taken just seconds before that! :-D he he he...

So off we go... Next stop Orlando, Florida, USA

The Scilly Isles!


The coast, south of the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral...  Guess who sat on the wrong side of the plane! Doh!

Bloody water everywhere in Florida!

First job, collect my Avis rental car...

Waiting for it to be made ready...

Oooh, a Dodge Caliber...  It was ok actually... not to big, and had some neat features like 110v mains socket in it!

Then i got out my trusty GPS with the newly installed USA streetmaps and it guided me straight to my hostel in Kissimmee...

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