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Part 3 - Week 2

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11th-12th March 2008

Since I got back from the shuttle launch at about 6:30am, I decided I needed a lie-in...  So I didn't land up doing much that day...

But I did spot a Newky-Brown lorry!?!

So after meeting up with Donna, another Brit, who was down for the week too... But without a car, we decided to team up to do all the theme parks... Sweet!  We'd have a busy week ahead of us...  And we started with:

Islands Of Adventure

First stop was a couple of goes on the Incredible Hulk Rollercoaster! And it was pretty good actually!

Next, the Judge Dread twanger thinger...

Hanging on for dear life!

So after we (I) survived the Jurassic Park River Adventure ride, without getting wet at all, we headed to the next wet ride...  The Log Flume...  Guaranteed to get wet we reckoned...

And sure enough!  Two drowned rats...

And rather attractive wet pants

The tree-stump man was bloody amazing well done!
With nice clouds too!

Everything Dr Suess...

Everywhere you went, there were Thing 1 & Thing 2 t-shirt wearing kids/adults...  Even Thing 3 and Thing 4 tooo!

The Cat In The Hat's hat!

Trying to get some action shots of the Hulk Rollercoaster

The park from on top of Popeye's boat.

They're getting a soaking! ha ha!

Well since we got squirted, we decided to squirt some other poor innocent victims too!
Very satisfying...

Squirt squirt...

So, for the last ride of the day, Donna insisted that we had to go on the Dr Seuss train!  I wasn't so keen on it but did so, just to keep her quiet! ;-)

So we had a great day at the Islands Of Adventure!

The best way to start/end/live any day of the week!
I thought about buying a box of 4... but was talked out of it... and sure enough, I could barely eat one of the Cinnamon Rolls... as they were covered in cinnamon butter/sugar/goodness... Mmmmmmm...

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