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Part 3 - Week 2

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15th March 2008

Today we do one of the most important theme parks in Florida...
Disney World: Magic Kingdom
(The one with the Cinderella castle in it!)

One man and his mouse

There it is, the iconic plastic castle!

Lots of school marching bands...  I guess it's their ultimate gig, getting to play in the parade at Disney World!



There he is, the Mouse himself... Or one of the probably many Mickey's dotted around the park...

He's got a lot to answer for!

Not a bad vista

We got the Fast-Track tickets for the Space Mountain ride.... but actually, they were for the Buzz Lightyear ride instead... which was a laugh!

Dumbo... errr lots of Dumbos

Errrgh!  I thought I could smell Pooh!

Inside Mickey's gaff

Donna and I meet Mickey!

Big Twisters!

As we both had multi-park tickets, we decided to check out the Disney's Hollywood Studios park as well...

Nice hat Donna!

Muppets 3D... Which was actually quite good!

The fantastic light/fountain/show

Well the plastic castle sure does look lovely at night with all the different coloured lights...

Ghostly photos

Walt & Mickey looking down the main street...

On the last shuttle back to the car parks...

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