Mate's Sites (People I've met along the way):
Paul's  JaYmes Escape - Pauls cool website with blog entries, tons of photos and even audio recordings! (Met @ Pink House)
Jm_littledevil's Travel Blogs - Julia's (As in Julia & Chris) travel blog... (Met @ Pink House)

The Inn Crowd
- Singapore - The best hostel in the world... in Singapore at least!  But yes, bloody good!

Tour Companies
High 'n' Wild
- Canyoning in the Blue Mountains, NSW
Extreme Team - White Water Rafting on the River Tully from Mission Beach, QLD - The pukka small company with only 3 rafts...
Mulga's Rock Tours - Ayers Rock, Olgas, Kings Canyon, NT
Kakadu 4WD Safari - Kakadu NP, NT - This tour was bloody amazing!  And the tour guide, Coatsie, was very good.  The highlight was the climb up to the top of Jim Jim Falls, which was bloody hard work but so well worth it!  Not many tours go to the top of Jim Jim!
Kununurra - Bungle Bungles, WA
Dave's Gorge Tours - Karijini National Park. Goes from Tom Price, WA - He's a bit of a perv, but it's the best tour I've done anywhere!  Just do it!!!
BMAC - Canyoning in the Blue Mountains, NSW
Oz Experience -  :-(  Don't even think about it!, they're shit!

Lonely Planet
- No introduction necessary...

Fun Stuff
- The best site on the web... where all the Potatoshoppers hang-out!

Internet Stuff
gradwell dot com
- My lovely hosting company who give me stupid amounts of disk space!!!

Cathedral City Cheese - I used to eat a bloody lot of this when I was a kid!  Mmmm...

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